PURE Essentials


Using an innovative and hygienic waxing system from Australian Body Care.






Half Leg                                                                                          

Three Quarter Leg                                   

Full Leg                                                                                       

Under Arm                                                    

Bikini up to knicker line                      

Full leg and bikini                                  

Bikini high leg and lower tummy      


Lip or chin                                                

Lip & chin                                                 







Hot Wax                                                                                           

Brazilian Wax                                     £28




Tinting helps define eyelashes and brows,giving a natural look which lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.

*All new clients must have a tint patch test minimum 24 hours prior to the treatment or sign a disclaimer.

Please remove contact lenses before treatment.


Tinting and Shaping

Eyelash Tint *                                      

Eyebrow Tint*                                      

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint*                   

Eyebrow Shape                                 


Eye Collection*                       

40 minutes                                   

  • Eyelash Tint

  • Eyebrow Tint

  • Eyebrow Shape     





Beautiful Brows

20 minutes                                     

Achieve perfectly shaped, arched eyebrows with our treatment consisting of unique steps, including tiniting, waxing, tweezing and finishing with a mineral powder which is smudge-proof, sweat proof, and water resistant. The results are beautifully shaped eyebrows, enhancing your features and lifting your whole look.  































Enjoy a full range of everyday essentials such as eye treatments, including tinting and lash enhancementsand hygienic waxing services, leaving you perfectly groomed from top to toe.I






























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